Time to Talk Day

Did you know 1st February is Time to Talk Day? I hear you say what is Time to Talk Day? Well Time to Talk Day is all about spreading the word about mental health and stamping out the stigma. So whether you’re at work, school or just at home make sure you are open about […]

Goodbye 2017

Firstly I know I have been a little quite on the blogging front but I’ve not been very well with colds and well just my mental health in general but I am going to make more of an effort to get back onto the blogging game. I have a doctor’s appointment in the new year […]

Harmful behaviour

After speaking to numerous people about mental health and the way people try to ‘punish’ themselves or release the pain is very interesting and I think there is a lot of harmful behaviour which we do when suffering with mental health that we don’t really realise. So I though this would be a good opportunity […]