5 Quotes to Support Your Recovery

This is something I have done before and personally I think a good quote can make a difference, as it can remind us that we are not alone. I do this a lot when I wake up in the morning with my morning cuppa. So instead of seeing how ‘perfect’ others lives are, I have some me time and remind myself it is not just me that feels this way.

Having unstable emotional personality disorder I can feel very up and down and this is something which doesn’t go away. I can fluctuate from happiness, nothing to sadness; I have a lot of extreme emotions. So some of these quotes have definitely helped me within my recovery process, which is something I am very much still in the middle of. So just because I post these happy photos doesn’t mean my life is perfect either.

A quote can make all the difference from you feeling as though you want to give up, to making you realise how far you’ve come already and you aren’t willing to let your illness defeat you. I know this is something I have realised over the past 6 months.

Even my friends will send me quotes from time to time to remind me that I am not alone and can get through this difficult part of my life. I know it is easier said then done but you have to try lots of different ways to help you through your recovery to see what works for you.

You are not alone!

So whether you need to be reminded that you are not alone or you just want to find a good quote to help those understand you. I hope these will help support your recovery process.