How to beat those Valentines Day Blues

Being on your own on Valentines day is hard enough never mind when you have mental health, it is just another day to feel unloved and beat yourself up. But don’t you worry I am here to help you with my guide on how to get over the Valentines Day Blues.

We all have days where we need a bit of extra love and care. Valentines day is no different to those other days but this is a day to remind us, who are not in a relationship of how unloved we are. Not just not that but how alone we are, don’t get me wrong being on your own has it benefits but it doesn’t mean we don’t get lonely.

So first things first don’t think you are unloved just because you are not in a relationship, you are just as loved as that person you see on social media who is saying how loved up they are. You just have different kinds of love around you. So don’t beat yourself up, you are worth more and deserve only the best in your life.

Pamper Night

Self care is important when it comes to your mental health and while those loved up couples are having a night out why not spend your time pampering yourself. I have recently received my Glossybox and have to say that it has all the things I need for my pamper evening this Thursday evening.

You cannot beat a face mask and just spending some time for you. Plus having a bit of a pamper always makes you feel better, so doing your nails and pampering yourself will make you feel better the next morning when you wake up. A bit of TLC is always good for your confidence and will allow you time to have a moment with your thoughts… even though this can be a scary thought, it can be helpful to accept these thoughts and try and overcome them.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

What better way to make you feel loved than to spend times with those who care most about you. So spend time with your family or just someone you care about. Find those other single friends and have a night in pampering yourself.

Not going to lie this has got to be my favourite way to spend Valentines Day. I feel that this day is not just about your other half, this can be about just showing the people you love how much they mean to you. It doesn’t need to be all romance and red roses. It could be you and you bestie sitting on the sofa eating junk food and chatting rubbish. I am sure by the end of the evening you would be just as happy as those going out for their Valentines Day meals.

Movie Night

I love a good movie night, me! I just think this is the best way to spend an evening you could have a pamper night with your loved ones watching a film. You could roll all 3 points into one!

Movie nights are brilliant as if you need a good laugh you can watch a comedy or you could watch a sad film if you feel like you need a good cry. Movies allow you get the emotion out you need without feeling silly or having to explain why you crying. I use a sad film on a regular occurrence to help get those tears out which have been fighting for a while.

When suffering with mental health crying or laughing can make you feel so relieved that the emotion has been released and you are free. Those who feel like this will understand what I mean by free. So get your friends round and have a movie night. It will be the best Valentines Day by far I am sure. I will be watching ‘A Star is Born’!

Out On The Town

So you don’t have to technically go out on the town but you just need to rally your friends, more than likely those who are single as it should be just a laugh and no male talk! So get out and enjoy yourself.

Get your best clothes on make yourself feel beautiful and just have a good night with your loved ones. This is something which always makes me feel good. You can even sit and look at those who are on their dates and even see how much happier you can be on your own or even just as happy. Life doesn’t have to be all about relationships. Don’t forget life is too short to be sitting and dwelling on what could have been or could be!

So go out and have a good chin wag and a catch up with your best single friends and have the best night of your life. This could be going for a meal or a couple of drinks or even a coffee, whatever you want.

Stay off Social Media

If this is a day which is extremely hard for you then there is one thing I would highly recommend and that is to stay off social media. As it shows you all the best parts of a relationship. They won’t mention that they had a huge argument last night or that they got cheated on. They will only show the world the good parts.

This can make us feel as though we are missing out on this ‘perfect’ relationship which we long for but it is not realistic and is never going to happen. Every relationship has its up and downs, so to help you focus on you and forget about this awful day you can stay off social media and you won’t be reminded all day that you are alone and don’t have someone to share it with!

Hope this helps you have the day you deserve. Remember you are not alone.

Happy Valentines Day readers, I love you to the moon and back!

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