Girls on the Edge

Recently at work we had a huge push on mental health and trying to make sure the team members understand the impact. When talking about how we can raise awareness one of the girls mentioned a programme I hadn’t seen called ‘Girls on the Edge’ which has been on BBC2. She had explained how enlightening this was for her and his she had really got to see how mental health can impact people.

Of course I had to watch it!

So I made sure I had some time set aside to give the programme a watch and well it really pulled on my heart strings and reminded me of when I wasn’t well. The programme speaks to the 3 girls going through the mental health programme and also their families… it is definitely something which allowed to see the impact mental health not only has on those suffering but those around suffering.

One of the parents mentioned how that to the outside world his daughter looked fine because she doesn’t have a physical illness she isn’t on crutches or her arm isn’t in plaster. But she is still a very poorly girl! It shows how many of us can look at a person and judge without even knowing the circumstances of that person.

For me the programme highlighted how much we need to change as a society to accept mental health like we accept other illnesses. We are allowing people to suffer in silence, showing it’s acceptable to suffer in silence, showing it’s acceptable to suffer in silence because it’s not physical. Hopefully this programme will have been watched by people to show how much of an impact this can have on people… it doesn’t matter where you come from, your age or even your gender. Mental health can affect any single one of us!

I would highly recommend watching the programme as it has really opened my eyes, even being someone who suffers with mental health. However, this would be brilliant programme to watch if you don’t understand mental health or if you have someone going through this illness.

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