Things that frill all us twenty something Grandma’s


If you haven’t already gathered I am like an old lady in a young girls body.. I love all things my grandma loves and everyone at work says I am too old for my time. So I thought sod it I will dedicate a post to my old wise inner self!!

  1. Planning a weekend/evening over the food your going to cook or not cook.
  2. Having no plans all weekend … pure bliss.
  3. After a stressful day going home getting your pj’s on and having a nice cup of tea/coffee.
  4. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep.
  5. Your friends cancelling a night out … means a cosy night in for one! YES!!!
  6. Reading a good book before bedtime and falling asleep with it in your hand.
  7. Going out for afternoon lunch for a birthday rather than a night out.
  8. Long baths which include candles and a good book.
  9. Putting a candle on at any chance.
  10. Being excited about burning a new candle.
  11. Snuggling up with your cosy blanket.
  12. If your like me using your scarf as a blanket when your at work.
  13. Going to the cinema.. in the day time of course.
  14. Having matching pj’s
  15. Fluffy socks!!
  16. Your bag being full of everything possible such as pain relief, hand sanitiser, tampons and of course every kind of tissues.
  17. Long scenic walks.
  18. Television shows about cooking or moving house… my favourite life down under
  19. Making sure you have everything written down in your diary… don’t want to be double booking yourself (not that would actually happen).
  20. Getting excited about new mugs…. I must own a silly amount and I still live at home.
  21. Always having a back up coat/umbrella in the car incase it rains.
  22. Finding a new pair of practical shoes for long walks or just going out in general.
  23. Finding a cosy new jumper/any kind of knitwear.
  24. Again candles but not just any candles.. SCENTED.
  25. Infusers.
  26. Finding a nice wine which you can have a glass with when friends come round.
  27. Friends cancel a night at the pub to a girly night in.
  28. Spending an evening baking.
  29. Bath Bombs and Hand Creams…. getting these as gifts.
  30. Naps … a cheeky 40 winks.
  31. Being offered a herbal tea by a friend/colleague.
  32. Getting to spend time with you grandparents or just the older generation in general.
  33. Owning so many pj’s that you have to choose which you feel are more piratical.
  34. Thank you cards… whether that is receiving them or writing them!
  35. Blooming flowers.
  36. Fresh bed sheets.
  37. Or even better new bed sheets.
  38. Comfy bra’s!! Hell to the yes!!

Comment if your guilty or let me know if there are any you could add.

*All photos are my own