50 things that make me happy

Thought I do something a little fun, so I thought I would make a list of 50 things that make me happy as life can be stressful from time to time. This will be a great thing to look back on and cheer myself up and I challenge you all reading this to do the list yourself as it will give you sometime to see why you should be happy.

1. The most important thing of course Family.

2. The smell of fresh washing.. I just love it, sad I know.

3. Fresh bedsheets, the feel and smell of them just make me so happy. I can’t even explain how happy they make me!

4. A good cup of tea.

5. Friends.

6. New clothes

7. A tidy room/house, tidy house…. tidy mind

8. Disney, I am a massive disney fan and if I am ever feeling a little under the weather or down then I just put a classic Disney film and it makes me feel good.

7. New pjs, nothing compares to new pjs and what makes it even better is when you have fresh bed sheets as well.

8. Yankee Candles, I love a good candle and it can change your mood and can really bring a room to life. Plus a good candle makes me relax and unwind.

9. Cold cold water to drink on a hot summers day.

10. My dad, he means the world to me and is like my best friend. I know I have already mentioned family but he deserves his own little mention, as he always knows how to make me happy. He can always turn my frown upside down. He is pretty amazing!

11. Rose Gold, just seeing rose gold makes me super happy. Its the best colour ever!

12. A fluffy dressing gown, this is the best thing about lazy days snuggling up on the sofa with your nice fluffy dressing gown…. nothing compares!

13. A good comedy film

14. A good series to watch from start to finish, these are best for when its a cold winters weekend or you just want a lazy day!

15. Raspberries…. my favourite fruit ever.

16. A successful day at work, I like that feeling when you know you’ve had a productive day and know it has been all worth while.

17. Seeing loved ones happy.

18. A good wedding, they are funny, sad all at the same time, you experience nearly every emotion at a good wedding.

19. Ordering things online and forgetting about it until you open the parcel.. its like christmas day all over again.

20. Christmas as it brings all loved ones together, makes you think about the ones who couldn’t be there and celebrate all the good times. Really makes me happy when all the family comes together.

21. Seeing other people trying to stamp out the stigma which surrounds mental health!

22. Getting over 10,000 steps a day, I am currently trying to be healthy so getting 10,000 steps is my daily target so when I reach this I am extremely happy.

23. Having a day with no anxiety… this isn’t something which happens often but makes all the difference to my mood.

24. Realising you have more money in your account than you thought…. WINNER.

25. Peter Rabbit… he has made me happy from when I was a little girl and still has the same affect.

26. New notebooks… I LOVE stationary.

27. Lazy mornings.

28. Sleeping all the way through the night, I sometimes wake up 5/6 times a night and this can become very annoying and stressful, so when I sleep throughout the night I so happy a bit like a mother who’s new born baby slept through!!

29. Getting new pens.

30. Mugs…. I have a huge obsession with mugs, I own way too many for a young girl who still lives at home!

31. Birds, I think they are such beautiful creatures and they are such peaceful animals most of the time.

32. Looking through old photos.

33. Red Roses, I love red roses!

34. My siblings, as much as they can annoy me at times the majority of the time they do make me happy.

35. The smell of fresh flowers.

36. My Grandparents, they are amazing!

37. When you have washed the days make up off your face…. when I wear makeup!

38. Photography

39. Music

40. Pearls, every girl loves pearls.

41. Sometime telling you your beautiful and actually meaning it.

42. Seeing good deeds happening in the world.

43. Hearing birds chirping in the morning. We have an aviary at home and in the morning sometimes I can hear the birds chirping and singing and it is the most relaxing noise you can possible wake up to.

44. Clean makeup brushes.

45. Feeling as though I am in control of things.

46. Reminiscing with friends and family.

47. A nice bath after a bad day

48. Waking up in a panic to think your late when you’ve actually got hours before you have to be anywhere.

49. Going out for meals.

50. Last but not least this BLOG.

*All photos are my own

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